Is it the Right Time to Invest in West Bangalore Real Estate?

In our series of posts regarding the sub-markets of Bangalore real estate, we have already covered North, South, East Bangalore and the entire city in general. One segment that still remains uncovered and deserves a proper analysis is West Bangalore. The western part of the city is comprised of popular residential localities like Tumkur Road, Malleswaram, Yeshwantpur and the entire industrial area of Rajajinagar.

Is it the Right Time to Invest in West Bangalore Real Estate

West Bangalore and the area surrounding is known for having the most high-density population in the city. Being the traditional industrial hub of Bangalore, this area is still dominated by warehouses and large scale industries. The commercial development around the area is predominantly in the form of small public sector units, small scale industries, warehouse businesses, government offices and research institutes. There are no major commercial buildings or office spaces and the location also lacks the MNC culture that is otherwise present in other sub-markets like North and South Bangalore.Property Price Trends in West Bangalore

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