Mumbai Real Estate: Price Trends Indicate Improved Affordability

Of all the property markets of India, the one that exerts the greatest pull from investors around the world is Mumbai. The main reason why Mumbai and its peripheries have come up as real estate paradise in India is the great returns on investment it offers. A decade ago, Mumbai real estate could only be afforded by the High Net worth Investors. But now that the development has started in its suburban peripheries, a middle class person can also think of investing his money here.

Property in Thane Mumbai, Ulwe, Kharghar, Mahalaxmi, etc. stand as viable options for them.

Mumbai Real Estate Price Trends Indicate Improved Affordability

Although Mumbai still stands as one of the costliest real estate markets of the country, the prices have seen a great improvement over the last one year. According to the Investors Clinic Price Trends Graph, the average property price for Mumbai for the month of July was recorded at Rs 8,400 per sq ft. During the same period in 2014, the price was Rs 8,630 per sq ft. After that the graph underwent several ups and downs. Prices shot up after Jan ‘15 and reached the highest of Rs 8,963 per sq ft. [Read more…]