Tips to save Tax while buying a Property

Are you also planning to buy a home? Then, this blog post is surely for you as a person must be aware of how to save taxes while owning a property. Hence, in this blog post, we have listed all the important points to consider when you plan to buy a home. So, go through this post and get the answers to all the questions that are making you anxious about being a home owner.

Save Tax

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Know the importance of Home insurance for property owners

When investing in your most treasured asset i.e. your dream home why not give a thought to Home insurance? Considered as one of the best options, a home insurance saves an individual’s house from unforeseen circumstances. In India, almost all the leading banks and financial institutions offer comprehensive insurance policies. So, scroll down and read the benefits and importance of home insurance:

Home insurance for property owners

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Tips for Landlords to Stay Away from Tenant Injuries

Being a property owner and seeking a tenant for your property is a good combination to earn additional income. But, make sure you hire a well-mannered tenant as the bad one can make you witness the stress of Tenant Injury. This word is a bit new to the landlords in India but the concept is old and thus we here are listing several ways to deal with tenant injury. So, go through the entire blog post and understand the concept and tips to protect yourself from any such issue:

Tips for Landlords to Tenant

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Ways to Sell a Home with an Outstanding Home Loan

Being a homeowner is a prestigious thing but some time the owner has to sell off the property in which he/she has invested not only financially but emotionally also. But, property comes in relation with money so, if you are in doubt over selling–off a home with an outstanding home loan then here are the things to consider. Apart from the Seller, the home buyers are also required to check if the property you are interested in is debt-free or not.

Residential Property Outstanding Home Loan

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We have mentioned various cases that both the homebuyer and the seller faces while carrying out the property transaction deal for buying/selling a home with an outstanding home loan:

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Comprehensive Guide on Stamp Duty Rates for Homebuyers

Stamp Duty is the tax that buyers pays to the Government while purchasing property which may fall under Residential, Commercial, freehold or leasehold. This duty is a kind of direct tax which is levied on the property buyers and the percentage of this tax varies from State to State as there are several factors to be considered before finalizing the Stamp duty percentage. So, if you are also an aspiring home buyer then here are things to know about Stamp Duty:

Stamp Duty

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Tips to generate additional income from your property

Investing in a property means capitalizing your lifetime finances into a valuable asset. This asset proves to be fruitful especially during times of financial crunch. However, with changing real estate scenario today there are many options available in the market to earn money from the property other than its dilution.

Additional Income from Property

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Many property experts believe that property taxes, utilities, and Mortgage payments are many ways through which an individual’s homes cost them. So in order to earn money from the property, ‘Passive income’ is the best option which is growing in trend these days among many homeowners. But before opting any of these ways, it is important to evaluate the demand-supply matrices and also keep a tap on the legalities involved in earning an additional income.

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