Dubai Realty Market to attract more home buyers in 2019: Report

The real estate market of Dubai has always attracted homebuyers from various countries. This can easily be understood by the last year data which shows housing sales in Dubai was the main reason behind the steady growth of the city’s property market. However, a new survey report, published recently has revealed that this momentum will remain same this year too.

Dubai Realty Market

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As per the report, Dubai will attract more homebuyers in 2019 that will eventually lead to growth in the real estate market.

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North Bangalore: An attractive real estate destination of the IT city

India’s IT capital- Bangalore has always been an attractive property destination for people who are looking for better job opportunities and living standards. With more and more residential and commercial development, the IT city has seen various real estate developments in past years. Today it has become a top investment destination among all the property market.

North Bangalore real estate destination

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However, in recent times, North Bangalore has taken a front seat in the city’s realty sector.  With many projects coming up in the region, North Bangalore has started overshadowing other property hotspots of the city.

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Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Property from NRIs

Both the NRIs and the property market are attracted to each other. Thus, many people face a situation where the real estate agent talks about a property of an NRI which is for sale. As a result, the buyers also get a bit involved in this kind of property but there are certain things to consider before buying a property from an NRI i.e. the Non-Resident India. So, don’t fall for a wrong deal as we here list the essential things every home buyer should know before purchasing a property from an NRI:

Buying Property from NRIs

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Reasons Why Indian Property Market is a Hotspot for the NRIs

The Non-Resident Indians popularly known as the NRIs have again started taking the Indian property market seriously. Here the word again is used to remind you that the new reforms and property prices shoot up were the few reasons that made the NRIs hesitant to invest in the Indian Real Estate for the past sometime. But, now the situation has altered as these people are willing to invest back here as India is their home and the implementation of new rules is making them confident enough to put money in the property market here. So, below we are listing the main reasons that intend maximum investments from the NRIs here in India:

Indian Property Market is a Hotspot for the NRIs

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Here is Why Green Homes Offer Better Living

The property market is witnessing a huge change in the housing trend. This is because of the smart home buyers who wish to buy a healthy home for their family.

Green Homes

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Well, what’s healthier than living in a healthy environment and the concept of Green Home offers everything under one roof to fulfill the buyers demand. But, then also many people misinterpret the meaning of an eco-friendly alias a green home. So, first have a look at the common misbeliefs about the same.

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Things That Confuse First-Time Home Buyers

Moving into your first home is one of life’s ‘champagne moments’, but getting there is not a smooth drive. By being prepared, you can find the exercise less stressful and easy to handle. As a first time home buyer the mortgages, the property market and everything else can be confusing. So don’t get confused just focus and some tips will help you go through the whole process without any hiccups. Before you go in for the property, do a considerable amount of research and check out the local market. As a first time home buyer you may navigate a process which may include excitement, confusion, frustration and uncertainty.

Things That Confuse First-Time Home Buyers

Things That Confuse First-Time Home Buyers

If you are planning to buy a home your first step should be to check your credit. Familiarize yourself with your credit history and make sure everything in your report is accurate. This will help you to improve your credit score before you think of buying. If all is well then keep it that way don’t max your credit card at furniture store after you sign a contract with bank for a loan. [Read more…]