Jointly-Owned Property: Points to Consider While Parting Ways

Getting married to the person of your choice is a picture-perfect beginning to a new life and thus you feel wishful about many things. The one thing that tops the chart of happy married life is to own a home alias a residential property. But, the life is full of uncertainties and thus some couples decide to part ways as things begin to go haywire and thus a legal process to divorce lead to custody of children and then come to owning a property. So, here are the key things you must remember about sharing property when filing for a divorce.

Jointly-Owned Property

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Consider These Things While Transferring Property to Children

Are you thinking about transferring your property to Children? Then, let us tell you that transferring of a property title is not an easy thing especially in India. As, one needs to produce various legal and other documents in order to proof relationship, income, and the property one wishes to transfer.

Transferring Property to Children

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Therefore you as a parent must know things which are necessary to consider for transferring property in blood relation like that to a Son or a Daughter. This includes all types of properties such as Apartment, Independent Villa, Bungalows, and even a penthouse.

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