Best Locations in Bangalore for Property Investments

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka State and is named the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India. Known for its gentle climate, broad streets and greenery it has earned the title of the ‘Garden City of India’. In India, Bangalore is the fastest growing city with a lot of real estate builders/developers. It is an investor’s paradise.

Best location in Bangalore for property investment

There are various locations where one can find real good investment Properties in Bangalore which can give a reaping harvest and are the hot spots of Bangalore. Let us discuss these locations in some detail-

Whitefield- Whitefield is now a major suburb, thanks to the IT boom. It is said to be the gem of East Bangalore. It has excellent connectivity with other hot spots of Bangalore. It is known for its lush green gardens, world class amenities and proximity to super markets and IT hubs. [Read more…]