Is Your Home Earthquake-Safe?

Is Your Home Earthquake-Safe?The recent earthquake of 7.8 magnitude created a havoc in Nepal. Pictures and videos of the massive destruction are all over the internet. This heart wrenching disaster has made us reflect over one single question- ‘Is my home earthquake safe?’ Though a building cannot be completely immune to such natural disasters, we can at least take the possible steps to reduce the degree of destruction.

According to the guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), different parts of India are prone to varying intensities of earthquakes. These are categorized as seismic zones and are ranked in the ascending order of intensity. Delhi/NCR falls under Seismic Zone 4 which means that the risk of damage from earthquake is pretty high. According to these seismic zones, construction guidelines have been laid down by the National Disaster Management Division. The developers should be aware of these guidelines and should follow the same while planning their projects. [Read more…]

Twin Cities: Noida and Greater Noida

Twin Cities: Noida and Greater NoidaNoida and Greater Noida have been marked as the key real estate destinations in the National Capital Region. While Noida is seen as an end user market, Greater Noida is rising as the favorite spot of the investors due to its rapidly developing infrastructure. Being close to the country’s capital, these two areas have been receiving a great deal of attention from UP government.

Over the past 10 years, the infrastructure of Noida has developed manifolds. Wider roads, underpasses, flyovers, highways and expressways, India’s first Formula One racetrack and a better social infrastructure has put the city on buyer’s hotlist. Greater Noida, on the other hand, was earmarked to be developed as the first smart city after the government announced to developed 100 smart cities in the Union Budget 2014. [Read more…]

5 Good Things Noida Counts on in 2015

5 Good Things Noida Counts on in 2015Established more than 35 years ago, the city of Noida was set up to give an urbanization thrust to the rather undeveloped parts of the National Capital Region (NCR). The city evolved as the nerve centre of NCR’s real estate due to rapid infrastructure developments and modernization. Year by year, Noida has been changing only for the better. The year 2015 is also expected to bring significant transitions in the city’s skyline.

Here are a few events Noida is looking forward to in the year 2015:

International Airport at Jewar- Jewar, near Greater Noida, has been finalized as the site for an international airport in NCR. The airport will boost the development of physical as well as social infrastructure and the place would transform from a suburb to an affluent locality. More commercial projects will come up, thus creating the need for residential projects. Properties available at cheaper prices than Gurgaon will attract a number of buyers. [Read more…]