City Vs Suburbs: What should you go for?

One important question that strikes in the mind of every home buyer is the one about cities and suburbs. It always confuses us whether to choose a city as our living destination or a suburb. While a city provides excellent connectivity and better services, suburbs boast of a calmer surrounding and affordable homes. The decision in this regards is affected by several factors such as your home buying budget, your age and family.

City Vs Suburbs What should you go for

If you are a young buyer and have just started with your career, the first thing in your mind while a property buying will be its proximity to your job location. You would most probably choose an urban destination that is closer to your office and that can meet all your family requirements within minutes. However, if you are close to your retirement age, you will probably go for a single family home in a suburb not-so-far. It would be calm and serene so that you can live your post retirement days in bliss and also the emergency facilities would not be far away. [Read more…]

Property Buying: Things You Cannot Compromise on

When going for a property purchase, what is it that you have on top of your mind? This can be really a tricky question because there are lot of things you have to consider before choosing the perfect dream home. However, in the back of your head, there are few things that you know for sure which you cannot compromise with. These are called the non-negotiable parts of your property purchase.Property Buying What Can You Compromise On

In India and around the world, researches have been conducted to know what all things home buyers can’t compromise on when searching for their dream home. There is nothing like a perfect home. The definition of perfection also differs from person to person. Someone would like a sprawling villa estate in a suburb while someone would prefer a studio flat in a high-rise apartment complex. [Read more…]