Tips to generate additional income from your property

Investing in a property means capitalizing your lifetime finances into a valuable asset. This asset proves to be fruitful especially during times of financial crunch. However, with changing real estate scenario today there are many options available in the market to earn money from the property other than its dilution.

Additional Income from Property

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Many property experts believe that property taxes, utilities, and Mortgage payments are many ways through which an individual’s homes cost them. So in order to earn money from the property, ‘Passive income’ is the best option which is growing in trend these days among many homeowners. But before opting any of these ways, it is important to evaluate the demand-supply matrices and also keep a tap on the legalities involved in earning an additional income.

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PG & Student Accommodation: Smart Ways to Earn Steady Income

A larger percentage of the Indian home-buyers is now inclined towards buying a property as an investment rather than putting it to end use. While many of us think that home buying in itself is an investment and will earn us some profit on selling, some of us put our minds into this investment. Apart from a simple buy and sell strategy, there are other ways to make good money out of a real estate property.

PG & Student Accommodation Smart Ways to Earn Steady Income

One popular way of putting our investment property to use is to let it out as a student accommodation. In cities like Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai, it is a growing trend to put the house on the market as a student/ paying guest accommodation. The number of students and young professional, who aspire to go to metro cities in search of better educational and employment opportunities, is increasing every year. Housing Property in Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi and in its suburbs has received immense attention of young professionals. [Read more…]