Why should NRIs Invest in Indian Real Estate?

In spite of the constant ups and downs in the Indian real estate market, it still remains the favorite investment destination for the NRIs. The main reason for getting a home back in their homeland is the emotional attachment they have with their country. Most of the NRIs want to return back to their land after they retire so they want their dream abode here.

Why should NRIs Invest in Indian Real Estate

There are several other reasons that attract the NRIs towards Indian real estate. Some of them are listed below:

Commercial Real Estate- India’s commercial real estate market is booming and it is a major driver of India’s economic growth. When commercial buildings start coming up in a particular area, the residential realty market around the location also witnesses a major revival. In NCR, commercial property in Faridabad, Gurgaon and Greater Noida attract a lot of NRI investors. Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are also popular commercial real estate markets. Commercial property fetches a long term profit in the form of leases and rents. The tenants are also easily available because of the boom in economic sentiments. [Read more…]