10 Reasons why it is great being a ‘Mumbaikar’

Mumbai, Amchi Mumbai, Mumbai Meri Jaan- whatever the tittle you give it, Mumbai is one of the best hotspots in the world. Every person who lives here and calls himself/herself a Mumbaikar, just loves his/her city and is proud of it. People fall in love with this melting pot of a city, where you can find great paradoxes and little joys at every turn.

10 Reasons why it is great being a Mumbaikar

10 Reasons why it is great being a Mumbaikar

There are various reasons for liking this city, it is a cosmopolitan city and caters to all kinds of people from different walks of life. People are easy going and respect all religions.

Here are some reasons why they proudly say- “I love being a Mumbaikar!”

Liberal Should be Mumbai’s Middle Name- Mumbaikars are the most accepting lot among Indians; the cosmopolitan temperament makes you feel one with the people. Several people from different corners of India shift to Mumbai to make their dreams come true. And builders are offering many ready to move flats in Mumbai to accommodate the burgeoning population.

Mumbai is a Melting- Pot of Uncanny Aspirations-Whether you want to be Amitabh Bachchan or Mukesh Ambani, Mumbai caters for all your ambitions and eccentricities. [Read more…]