Survey Puts Bengaluru as most India’s livable city

Bengaluru as most India’s livable cityAccording to a recent survey, Bengaluru is the most livable city in the country, which is followed by Mumbai and Chennai

There are a number of factors which contribute towards making of a wonderful city and when it comes to India, Bengaluru scores over all the other cities of the country as according to a recent survey, the city of gardens is regarded as the most livable city in India, followed by Mumbai and Chennai.

As per the Location Ratings for expatriate living conditions published by ECA International, in India, Bangalore, ranked 171st globally, scores most  favorably followed by Mumbai and Chennai both ranked 182nd. New Delhi (204) is the least livable. ECA International is a provider of knowledge, information and technology for management and assignment of employees around the world. [Read more…]