Solutions For Open Drainage System in Or Around Apartment Community

Open drainage is a potential health hazard for residents nearby. Apart from being a breeding ground for germs and mosquitoes, open drainage can be very dangerous for children. There have been a number of cases of drowning across the country. If there is an open drain near your society make sure you discuss this with the other residents and take up the matter with the RWA members. If residents show a little awareness and get the drain covered you can reduce the contamination and the safety of your kids can be assured.

Solutions For Open Drainage System in Or Around Apartment CommunityHow can we solve such problems?

First and foremost we should find the root cause of this problem. So do a first-hand investigation. Become Sherlock Holmes and get to the bottom of the cause and see what has caused it. The reason for the drainage could be any seasonal rains or leakage in the underground water and sewage pipes. If so be the case, approach your areas sewerage and water department and lodge an official complaint. The civic authority will help you resolve you problem. In case of a persistent, old problem you will have to go through the proper channels and procedure which includes approaching your local Corporate or MLA and the Municipal Corporation. [Read more…]