What Luxury Means in Popular Cities of India?

Property has become a status symbol for people. Everyone is chasing a sumptuous address and a neighborhood, for which they are ready to pay a huge amount as well. However, maintaining a classy standard and trend of buying a luxurious apartment is getting popular in the metro cities. Here, we have listed a few of them; let’s have a quick glance over them.

What Luxury Means in Popular Cities of India

Delhi:- For Delhiites, maintaining a high standard is buying a fashion home in a posh area. They can pay off any amount just to acquire a branded residence in the locations like Aurangzeb Road or Chanakyapuri. In the real estate world, it is a matter of fact that the demand of properties is inversely proportional to the supply. This theory can be seen practically with the evidences that the prices of bungalows and villas in the areas like Hailey Road or Amrita Shergill Marg are touching the sky. The property prices in such locations are ranging between Rs. 120 crores to Rs. 250 crores. Such branded residences in India are expected to become the benchmark for an elite living. [Read more…]

Why location is important for ultra-luxury home

Why location is important for ultra-luxury homeHigh net worth individuals always look for unique locations that are premium and can greatly help them towards their luxurious lifestyles.

As rightly mentioned by many real estate experts, location is the single most important criteria for selection of luxury based property buying. While India is full of activity when it comes to creation of Luxury living, there is a lot more potential that can further be tapped towards catering to the needs of the luxury class.

Whether it is the city of Mumbai or national capital region of Delhi, there are a number of developers who are doing their bit in order to catch the eyeballs of the high net individual community, however, only those projects take off smoothly where location is the single most attractive point of the project. [Read more…]