Luxury Housing: What do Indian Buyers Want?

Luxury Housing: What do Indian Buyers Want?The definition of luxury in India is as diverse as its culture. Same is the case with the term ‘luxury housing’. Every developer offers a different set of facilities and amenities to market his project as ‘luxury home’. They go for regular design upgradation and use innovative construction technology to add to the lavish features of the project. But there is need for a definite set of parameters that would qualify a project as ‘luxury’.

Along with the amenities, the location and size of the home also matter a lot for an average Indian homebuyer. According to the polls conducted by, an Indian buyer is also inclined towards the open space his home offers. Private lawns and open gardens are highly demanded by the buyers. This pretty much explains why developers are increasingly offering terrace gardens, private lawns and porches in their luxury projects. [Read more…]