Home above Shop? Here are the Tricks to make it Better!

Having a home above your small shop is a concept that has always existed in India. Though apartments, villas and other Luxury Homes in India have now become a preference of the working class but businessmen in small towns of India still prefer the old way of having a shop and home in the same building. So if you are seeking a new shop and plan on turning the flat above it into your home, here are a few tricks to help you sail smooth through the makeover.

Home above Shop Here are the Tricks to make it Better!

Location Matters- Yes, it does. Location not only matters for your shop but also for the little home you will have above it. You obviously need the shop in a commercial area, but you should also make sure that the area is quiet at least during night. Also, check with the authorities whether such a dwelling is allowed in that particular area.

Self-Use or Rental- You should also be clear about the idea of your commercial ground floor- whether you want to have your own shop or let it out on rent. However, having your own shop makes a lot of sense as you would save the commuting time to the shop faraway. [Read more…]