New Year Resolution: How to give your home a fresh look in 2019?

With New Year all set to approach, many people have started making fresh resolution to bring a change to their lives. It may be related to their personal health, professional growth or career prospects, everyone wants to give 2019 the best and the fresh start.

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Then, why to leave your home behind? After all, a home is also an important part that depicts your lifestyle and personality. By following some simple tips, you can also give a fresh look to your home and make it heaven where you want to Kick-Start your New Year. Take a look:

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5 Preventive Steps to Help You Stay Healthy in Monsoon

Monsoon brings with it a reason to smile, to bathe in the rain showers and enjoy the charm of it to the fullest. But it also brings a number of diseases and allergies with it. The extremely humid climate and repeated rains make various bacteria’s to be active in the atmosphere.5 Preventive Steps to Help You Stay Healthy in Monsoon

In order to save yourself from falling sick in this beautiful season, take the following precautions:

1- Say No to Street Food- All of us know that street food is unhealthy and should be avoided regardless of the season. But if you can’t keep away from munching these not-so-healthy delicacies, try to avoid it at least in monsoons. These foods are prepared and sold in the open and come in direct contact with disease causing bacteria’s and can increase your chances of falling sick.

2- Keep Your Hands Clean- You obviously cannot keep away from public places but your safety is in your hands. Try to keep yourself clean. Wash your hands frequently with soap. Most of the bacteria enter your body through mouth and nose. Carry a clean handkerchief to clean your face.

3-Keep Mosquitoes Away

Stagnant water accumulated in the potholes of every street results in abundance of the mosquitoes. Keep the insides of your home clean and dry. Clean the stagnant water from cooler, fountains, ditches and other potholes. Use mosquito repellents in your homes as well as on your body when you go out.

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Tips to Dashing up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Never satisfied with the décor of your most private space-your bedroom? But you cannot afford to splurge on the décor; your savings hold you back. So try to revamp your bedroom on a budget. Do it yourself updates! First and foremost, get rid of the clutter. Don’t keep anything in the room that gives you stress.Tips to Dashing up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Here are a few ways to spruce up your bedroom:-

Make the room come to life- You do not need to spend a lot of money for this. First, check out the wall paint. If it really needs a makeover, go for some vibrant wallpaper on one wall. This will give a new look to your room and will also create a focal point.

Change the configuration- You are used to see the bed, chair, table, etc. at the same place for years. It’s time to change the setup. Shift the furniture and add new life to the familiar quarters.

Change your drapes- The old duvet, drapes and curtains etc. also become an eyesore after sometime.Spruce up your bedding bring in a new duvet or a comforter. If you find the current décor boring, go from modern to classic, primary to pastel or go in for girly frills and fancies. This does not take time and falls within your budget.

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5 Steps to an Extraordinary Outdoor Living Space

Summer is here! Now is the time to spend quality time with your family in the backyard with that big coffee mug in your hand. But is your outdoor seating charming enough to encourage pleasant family moments? Even if you do not have a backyard, you can create a good outdoor living space in your front porch, balcony or even on the rooftop.5 Steps to an Extraordinary Outdoor Living Space

Here are a few simple steps to help you convert the vacant space around your house into a welcoming outdoor seating:

Make it an Extension of the Indoors- The first step of designing an outdoor space is to stop treating it like a separate part of the house. You need to do away with the line between indoors and outdoors. Whether you plan to make it a temporary dining area or more like a living room, keep the decor relatively similar to that of the indoors. You can do that by using the same color palette and similar decor pieces.

Front Porch Dressing

Because of its proximity to the streets, the front porches of independent homes are often overlooked as an outdoor seating. However, by putting something up to maintain privacy, you can convert it into a pretty porch. Use a few shrubs and small plants to decorate it. Put wicker furniture and a centre table and you have a perfect spot for evening tea or a night under the stars.

Take Nature’s Help- If you have trees and plants in your backyard, it is even better for decorating an outdoor space. Dispose off the weeds and put outdoor furniture. You can also put subtle lightings on trees to create a beautiful effect at night.

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Senior Citizen Housing Projects: Emerging Trend in India

Nowadays, senior citizens have become self-dependent and want to live an independent life. Unlike how it was a few decades back, the post retirement scenario has totally changed now. Elderly people don’t need the support of their kins; they pursue their hobbies and enjoy life in their golden years.Senior Citizen Housing Projects Emerging Trend in India

Seeing the increasing demand for a better lifestyle among retires, a number of developers are coming up with senior citizen centric housing project. These projects have come out as viable options both from investment and end-use. In order to encourage community living in their sunset years, developers launch these housing projects for them. 

The main focus of senior citizen housing projects is on the needs and requirements of these old age people. With growing age the need for seeking someone’s help also increases. The projects cater to all these requirements. Some of the extra facilities offered in these projects include:

  • House Keeping Services

  • Passageways for wheelchairs

  • Emergency response system

  • Grab Rails in slippery areas

  • First aid services

  • Doctors and nurses within campus

  • Proximity to hospitals

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Tech-Savvy Home Interiors: Boon of the Modern World

The world is turning tech savvy- gadgets, gizmos and technology for your home interiors are here and a lot of people are using them. So do you have a futuristic smart home? If not, you can easily opt for one. Some technologies are yet to become common in every household but they will soon become a regular item just like your television set. Now you can change the mood, ambience, lighting and temperature of your home just with a touch control. These systems also control the extensive audio-video entertainment setup, curtains, blinds, etc.Tech-Savvy Home Interiors Boon of the Modern World

The home owners are now interested in devoting their hard earned money for designs that will allow them to reduce the cost of utilities. One of the latest technologies being used is the solar powered lifestyle. This is a great cost cutting innovation. Builders nowadays are opting for utilization of solar power so all your electrical appliances, lifts, water heating devices, etc., can work on this power which is not only cost reducing but also eco-friendly.

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How to Make Your Luxury Home Vastu-Friendly

Vastu Shastra is the science of planning the architecture, construction and interiors of the building in a manner that the five elements of nature- water, air, fire, Earth and space- remain in harmony. A vastu perfect home attracts positive energy and brings peace and happiness in the family. If it’s for a small apartment, preparing or changing layouts, planning interiors and the correct placement of decor items becomes easier. However, you need a well-planned approach and commitment for making your ‘luxury home’ vastu friendly.How to Make Your Luxury Home Vastu-Friendly

A luxury home is categorized as one that has several rooms (may be 3/4/5 BHK) and is characterized by opulent amenities and advanced architecture.The placement of every household item is thoroughly determined in Vastu Shastra. It includes the layout and orientation of verandah, balconies, guest room, study room, etc. and the correct placement of paintings, wall hangings, home theatre, air conditioner, etc. These items, when placed in different locations, have different implications on the present and future of the dwellers. [Read more…]