How to Prepare Your Home for Monsoons

During monsoons, you can stay healthy by taking preventive steps. But what about your home? In the rainy season, your home needs some protection too. Rain showers may bring a lot of happiness but they can also cause damage to certain parts of your home. These damages can sure be prevented by taking a few necessary steps before the rains arrive.How to Prepare Your Home for Monsoons

Inspect your Roof- It is advised to inspect your roof once a year and the best time is before the arrival of monsoon. A worn out roof can be the main reason for the water damages caused to your home. Any seepage or cracks in the roof will make the rainwater crawl into your house through walls. It will damage the walls as well as the adjoining furniture. Hence it is better to inspect in advance and get it fixed.

Check the Insides of your House

Inspecting only the roof is not enough, you also need to make sure that the house is perfect from inside. Check your ceilings, the walls adjacent to the doors and windows, floor cracks, etc. Fix them all before the rain shower begins.

Upgrade the Perimeter of Your House To avoid water from getting into your house from any of the 4 sides, regrade the entire perimeter with a two-inch-per-foot slope. This will keep the water from entering your house. Later, after the season is over, you can convert the same into a flower bed.

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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe when on Vacation

Vacation time is on! So are you going for a hill station this vacation, leaving your house empty ? If you are, don’t leave it unguarded.A vacant home is the most prone to burglary. Taking a few preventive steps before leaving can save you from being a victim of burglary while you are away.Tips to Keep Your Home Safe when on Vacation

Avoid Social Media Updates- These days we have a habit of posting where we are and our schedule on social media. But this also gives a clear idea to the possible burglar that the house is empty. Even if you do post, keep it private, share with selected people only. Do not let the world know about it.

Neighbour Watch- Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your home while you are away. If you trust a friend who lives nearby, give him the spare keys to your home. You can also give him your car keys and ask to take the car for a short spin. This way, if anyone has intentions of breaking in, he would think twice before doing so.

Put Valuables in a Locker- If you are going for a very long period, it would be a good idea to keep all the valuables in bank locker. Or if you have a safe you can rely on, put the valuables in it before leaving for the holiday.

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Low-Cost Measures to Make Your Home Environment Friendly

Although many builders are stepping into the ‘Green Home’ arena these days, not every buyer can afford the homes in projects certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). These homes are priced slightly higher than the average ones as they are equipped with latest eco-friendly features.Low-Cost Measures to Make Your Home Environment Friendly

People have grown a higher sensitivity towards environmental issues and want their homes to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It is not necessary to spend big bucks to add that environment friendly effect to your house. Only a few simple measures and your house becomes a green home. With the growing awareness towards environment protection, several products are available in the market that support a more eco-friendly lifestyle. [Read more…]