Kitchen Decor Trends- What’s in Vogue for 2016?

As cooking evolves as a hobby and art more than the mere need of it, the place we call kitchen has also transformed from what it used to be 20 years ago. Inspired by the western culture, modular kitchen took over the traditional one about a decade ago. But the innovators keep on experimenting with new things to make cooking more fun and convenient. Invisible designs and multifunctional layouts rule the world of modern kitchens.

Kitchen Decor Trends- What’s in Vogue for 2016

Kitchen Decor Trends- What’s in Vogue for 2016

In 2016, color and customization will be hot trends. Let us talk about what else is going to be in vogue this year:

Sleek Design- Apparently, the much hyped contemporary style kitchen is out of date and sleek design takes over the modular kitchen market. Subtle metallic themes, retractable handles, invisible cabinets and several other ways to improve storage in your kitchen are adding grace to the cooking space and redefining it. Thin countertops that offer resistance to moisture, heat and shock also give your new kitchen an elegant look.
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Kitchen: The ‘Neutral-Color’ Obsession

Neutral colors- white, black and grey- are considered as sober colors. However, a decor in these colors is marked as being dull and uninteresting. But, when used wisely, even the so called ‘cold’ colors can add surprising magic to your kitchen decor. Neutral colors come in various shades. For example, all of us are familiar with various shades of white such as beige, cream, eggshell and white smoke. Black and grey also come in shades like ebony, taupe, charcoal, concrete, etc.

Kitchen The ‘Neutral-Color’ Obsession

You can make an awesome use of these shades to add a charm to your kitchen.

Grey Cabinets- The color grey has an ‘industrial’ touch associated with it. If your entire kitchen has a white theme, try to add tonal variations of grey in cabinets, drawers and maybe on the countertops. This will add a sense of elegance to your kitchen. As opposed to the glossy white walls and floor, the grey parts will be focused and attract attention. A warm red cabinetry would also do. [Read more…]