First time buyers throng Investors Clinic – Times of India

NH-24 is going to be the next thriving residential zone on the side of Yamuna. The tremendous growth in the real estate developments within the zone are attracting the first time buyers to explore the future prospects of booking a Property at NH-24.

Two day propInvestors Clinic Propfest Flocked by First Time Buyersfest organized by Investors Clinic has clearly reflected the fact that NH-24 has acquired the top place among various real estate destinations that own affordable property options. The majority of individuals who showed their interest in the festival were the first time investors. They not only participated as the part of the festival, but also shown their eagerness to buy the property.

According to the CEO of Investors Clinic, Honey Katyal, “Sales bought up by real estate market are offering some promises. Within NCR, the sales growth has also shown a hike; the blocked inventories are getting the booking at a faster rate in contrast to previous months. A cycle of promoting is at the closure with over 1 lakh apartments pending for possession in Greater Noida and Noida. Then, we will consider another array of projects located in nearby localities.” [Read more…]