Affordable Locations in Delhi/NCR for Real Estate Investment

When the real estate market of a city is brimming with properties of all sorts, it is very likely to slip away from the hands of middle class buyers. The realty market of Delhi/NCR is the perfect example. Gurgaon started out as the hub of commercial and residential real estate in the National Capital Region (NCR) and now it is way beyond the reach of a mid-segment buyer. However, real estate is a very dynamic market and new and affordable properties keep coming up around the central locations. The micro-markets along the suburbs become the next affordable destinations. 

Affordable Locations in DelhiNCR for Real Estate Investment

Affordable Locations in Delhi NCR for Real Estate Investment

So, if you are looking for budget-friendly house in NCR, here are the three localities you must check out:

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How the New Real Estate Bill Will Be Helpful For NRIs

The Modi government has pledged to organize the face of realty sector and give it an industry status. In that move, the real estate bill has already been drafted and passed in the cabinet. The bill will soon be discussed in the parliament’s next session and will become a law after being signed by the President of India. The Union Cabinet has already approved of the amendments made in the Real Estate Bill, 2013 making way for greater activity in the real estate sector and hassle free work.

How the New Real Estate Bill Will Be Helpful For NRIs

How the New Real Estate Bill Will Be Helpful For NRIs

But what is the crux of the bill? How will it benefit both developer and buyer? How will it help NRIs?

A Review of the Bill

The Real Estate Bill is significant as it aims to act as a protective cover for the consumers and establish regulatory bodies at the center and states for ethical and transparent business practices in the real estate sector. The move is seen as a fundamental plan to seek and ensure greater accountability towards consumers in this notorious real estate sector. [Read more…]

Why today is the right time to gain from real estate in Delhi

Why today is the right time to gain from real estate in DelhiThere is a saying that when the times get tough, the tough get going – this holds true for the real estate market in Delhi and National Capital Region, as many experts believe that this is the right time to invest in the regions real estate market and ensure financial growth, even in tough times like this.

There are many factors that are contributing towards creation of an ideal investment friendly atmosphere for the people. Price drop in real estate is one factor which is making real estate investment, an interesting proposition for the customers. In addition to this the formation of a stable government at the center has also bolstered sentiments in the real estate sector of the country. [Read more…]