Investing in Real Estate: When to Stay, When to Exit

As the real estate market is recovering and the property scenario is coming back to its normal phase, investors are showing a renewed interest in putting their money into this sector. The property market of India is counted among the most lucrative ones in the world. Steady rise in property values are attracting more investors.Investing in Real Estate: When to Stay, When to Exit

However, as an investor, you must be cautious about real estate investment. Experts suggest that there are two types of investors- those who wants regular returns and those who want capital gains. If you belong to the first category, you would be inclined towards staying invested for a longer span, putting the home on rent and enjoying regular rental returns. Whereas, the second category investors are more inclined towards studying the market situation, speculating and selling the property when its value is at peak in order to enjoy heavy capital gains. [Read more…]