Why Should You Buy a Second Home?

Second homes are trending in the Indian real estate market as an investment, a steady source of income, a gateway, a hideaway, a holiday home or a as a safe retreat after retirement. It is what people conceptualise as a good concept and futuristic thought. If one has the means and wants to put their money in safe investments, so what is better than real estate! Your own safe immovable asset. This is one investment where a huge boom, not a slump is expected.Why Should You Buy a Second Home?There are various options in the real estate market, you can have second home in the city and lease it with a steady income filling up your coffers. Buying properties in some natural, scenic environment could be your getaway hideout away from the day to day hustle and bustle of a claustrophobic life. A lot of holiday homes have come up in places which are hill stations, holiday resorts, country sides, etc. You can invest in these properties, use them as a second home when you want and lease out the property when not in use. Builders are offering various schemes for such upcoming projects, in real exotic surroundings. [Read more…]

HDFC Report Shows ‘Improved Affordability’ in Indian Real Estate Market

According to the investors report published by HDFC Bank, the Indian real estate sector has witnessed an improved affordability. However, the price trends seem to be going north as opposed to what the report suggests. But being a major home loan lender in the market, HDFC Bank has undertaken an intensive research based on the customers who approach them for a home loan.HDFC Report Shows ‘Improved Affordability’ in Indian Real Estate Market

The bank has put forward ‘affordability’ as a relative term that is affected not only by the property prices but also by the annual income of the buyers. Affordability here is calculated by dividing the property prices by the annual income. This relative figure for the year 2015 is 4.4. The same was 4.7 in 2013 and 4.6 in 2014. The decrease in this relative affordability figure shows that real estate properties have become comparatively affordable this year. It was only in 2004 that the value was below 4.4 which makes it evident that it was not so affordable to buy real estate in the last ten years. [Read more…]