NRI Investors Coming Back to Indian Real Estate

With recovery of the Indian economy, India’s real estate market appears to be more dynamic. A lot of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are also relocating to their country. Good growth prospects, good education system and the feeling of reconnecting with their native place are some factors that drive most NRIs towards India. NRI Investors Coming Back to Indian Real EstateReal estate has also advanced with modern technology and offers a wide variety to choose from- for mere investments or for relocating. India’s economy is booming and hence NRIs are looking towards returning to India for investment, at the same time maintaining their individual jet set lifestyle. India has been a great motivation for builders commercial/residential to come up with projects of international standards.

What does an NRI seek for in Indian Real Estate?

  • Investment and the capital appreciation Indian real estate offers.
  • A second home
  • Maintaining an international lifestyle
  • Immovable asset in your own backyard
  • India’s globalization and maybe relocation

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Integrated Townships: Rising Trend in Indian Real Estate

Integrated Townships: Rising Trend in Indian Real EstateWhile picturing a home in his mind, an urban dweller does not only go for lavish projects and modern amenities. What a customer looks for is the viability of the project as a dream home. A home where greenery soothes your eyes when you look around, a home that is close to all social facilities and a home you can proudly call your dream home. Offering everything you need for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, integrated townships are a rising trend in the Indian Real Estate market.

What is an Integrated Township?

An integrated township is a project that encompasses all facets of a modern lifestyle within the gated complex. It integrates the residential parcel with the commercial, retail, education and entertainment facilities. Usually, a township is spread over more than 100 acres and has school, hospital, banks, ATMs and recreation areas within the complex. These projects also have ample greens. Since city outskirts and suburbs offer land at comparatively cheaper rates, most of the builders prefer to build their integrated township projects in these areas. [Read more…]