Apartments Vs Independent Houses: What should you choose?

Apartments Vs Independent Houses: What should you choose?The decision of home buying is followed by a number of questions. One such question is whether you should go for an apartment or an independent house like a villa. It is obvious enough that an independent house costs more than an apartment. However, keeping the cost factor aside, there are several other pros and cons of both the options. Let us discuss it in some detail.

An apartment complex is better in terms of security and combined facilities. Developers offer amenities like power backup, clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness center, etc., in the apartments. Maintenance is also easier as you have to just pay the maintenance fee and the work will be taken care of. Services such as electrician and plumber will be available on call. There would be no parking war with the neighbor as the individual owners buy their own parking space at the time of purchasing the property. [Read more…]