Why are Dining Rooms becoming an Endangered Concept?

Do you have a dining room at your home? About 75% of the Indian will have NO as an answer to this question. Those who do have a dining room are either living in their parents’ home without making changes to it or they are the lucky few who bought a new home that still follows the concept of eating together. Dining rooms are disappearing from the new real estate projects; developers emphasize more on living room and see dining area as a part of it.

Why are Dining Rooms becoming an Endangered Concept

The three main reasons why dining rooms are losing importance are:

  • Firstly, the lack of space has forced people to multitask a single room for several purposes. For example, the living room also serves the purpose of drawing room and a part of it can be dedicated for dining.

  • Secondly, the nuclear family trends have taken over the urban lifestyle. Also due to the fast paced lifestyle, people seldom sit together for a meal nowadays. [Read more…]