Buying a Property? Make Sure if it is Legally Clear

Real Estate can be the least risky investment in relation to its price and value fluctuation. However, from legal point of view, you should be very cautious regarding a real estate investment. Several times, we have read about buyers being deceived by builders or agents. Sometimes it is regarding the title of the land, sometimes about construction delays and sometimes it is about being involved in illegal practices related to home building.
Buying a Property Make Sure if it is Legally ClearTo save yourself from facing litigations over the property you purchased, here are a few legal points you need to consider before booking a home:

Khata and Title Deed- The title of the land or property you are buying is the most important thing to check from legal point of view. All information related to the title deed of the property can be procured from the sub registrar’s office. It contains complete information about the first owner of the property and the consequent changes in the title. Another important document supporting the title deed is the khata. It contains the name of the present owner which can be verified from municipal records. Khata and title deed both hold utmost importance in getting electricity connection, water connection, etc. [Read more…]