Serviced Apartments: Bringing ‘Home and Hospitality’ Together

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for short term or long term stays, providing all hotel-like amenities. The term ‘serviced apartments’ is an umbrella term covering all the brand models, some with high levels of service and other will less fancy-frills helping the guests and operators maintain their budget. Serviced apartments also offer services such as cleaning, utilities, Wi-Fi, TV, etc. Serviced Apartments Bringing ‘Home and Hospitality’ TogetherThese apartments can range from budget to deluxe and the rooms can range from studio apartments to two or three bedroom apartments. Studio apartment is one spacious efficient unit which can be used as a living or sleeping area with a little kitchenette and separate bathroom.

These luxurious serviced apartments are affordable alternatives to the expensive hotels offering the comfort, space and luxuries of private residences coupled with 5-Star amenities. These apartments have a good workforce and a horde of world-class services pampering the guests. [Read more…]

Retail Realty Segment: The Future of Commercial Real Estate in India

The retail sector in India has been growing at a tremendous pace over the past two decades and so is the Indian ‘retail realty’ segment. The number of organized retail industries in the country has witnessed an annual growth of 20 percent. After the government allowed 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for single-brand retail, more groups have started venturing into the same. The trend shows that the retail industry will expand in the coming time- first in the metropolitan cities, then in smaller areas.Retail Realty Segment The Future of Commercial Real Estate in India

Seeing the growth, a number of developers are coming up with their retail shops in NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and other big cities. To concentrate on a wider investors segment, they have also come up with innovative payment plans and assured return schemes. The assured return schemes are those under which the builder promises to pay monthly return to the investors during the construction period on a predetermined rate. [Read more…]

Why is it a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate of Delhi NCR

The commercial market of Delhi/NCR has always been the one that stands out among its other counterparts. With rapid urbanization of the city, tremendous commercial development has been seen over the past few decades. Real estate companies, that earlier concentrated on residential development, gradually moved towards the commercial vertical after realizing the need for the same.Why is it a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate of Delhi NCR

Commercial real estate comprises malls, multiplexes, virtual retail spaces, office spaces, etc. It is rising as a preferred investment option among the investors because of the sense of security it provides. It also earns handsome rental returns which is not the case with residential properties in NCR. Moreover, the appreciation in the value of commercial properties is known to be faster than the residential ones. While residential property owners have to wait for a longer period to earn decent returns on investment, commercial units can be easily sold or rented for a good deal of money. [Read more…]