Affordable Home or Luxury Villa- How to Assess Your Needs?

The biggest asset in today’s world is your own house. Big or small, it is a place where you are secure, comfortable and at peace. We all want to own something we can be proud of, but we cannot always get what we desire. Housing choice is a response to an extremely complex set of economic, social and psychological impulses. For example, if you are looking for a Property in Noida Extension, you will find a wide range of affordable as well as premium houses. So how do you assess your needs?

Affordable Home or Luxury Villa- How to Assess Your Needs

Income is the potential primary factor and not the price or availability that determines housing affordability. This is the main determinant of the quantity and quality of housing obtained. Affordable housing is housing deemed within the financial means of those with a median household income. To understand affordable housing challenges and assessment, one needs to understand trends and disparities in income and wealth. [Read more…]