How to Keep Your ‘Bachelor Pad’ Organized

A ‘bachelor pad’ is the term used for a living space owned by a bachelor (single man). They are stereotyped as being messy, with stale food in the refrigerator, dirty dishes in the sink, empty bottles lying around and clothes strewn about the floor. A man’s cave is generally thought to be devoid of sensibilities but the reality is that they have their own space and what they put inside is an expression of who they really are. Some men are sticklers for cleanliness.How to Keep Your ‘Bachelor Pad’ Organized

To set up your bachelor pad the right way, pull up your socks and get organized. First and foremost, remove the clutter; change your pad from chaos to home. It will speed up your cleaning and help you get organized. Hire a daily help to do your household chores or get a weekly/monthly cleaning service. Nowadays, such services are just a phone call away. Call them and they will come to spruce up your apartment.

If you are doing it yourself, first draw a mental picture about the placement of your furniture and personalized things. Keep the furniture to the minimum; maximize its usage. If your room is small, use a sofa cum bed which serves dual purpose and gives ample space to move around. A working desk in the corner can act as your work station. If you are a freelancer or a student, a good solid desk with a number of drawers would be a really good idea. [Read more…]