6 Tips to Simplify Home Buying Process

The idea of home buying has taken a big leap. In fact, today’s generation has move-on from the thought of living comfortably in the city to that of making an investment. As a result of which the banks receive hundreds of home loan proposals every day across the country. The approval of home loan is a time taking procedure. Thus people browse to know simple tips to complete the home buying process. Interestingly, many people involve their near ones while finalizing the deal. At the same time, it is saddening to know that many home buyers wish to be a property owner but takes a step back due to the long-home buying procedure. Although, few of them browse for the simple tips to complete the home buying process.

home Buying Process

In India, home buying is a big thing. Thus, people want to make sure that the money they are investing is worth it or not. Scroll down and read the post to know the tips to simplify the home buying process.

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Who attends the open house?

There are a few good reasons to attend an open house, as nearly half of the buyers do. The biggest benefit is that you can learn from the crowd, the throng indicates a competitive market. Plus curious neighbors drop by so it is a great time to ask questions about the community. Remember the agent who is conducting the open house is working for the seller.

Who attends the open house?

Who attends the open house?

The important question is who actually attends the open houses?

Basically all those attending the open house are not the potential buyers; various people go for the open house event for different reasons. [Read more…]

Reasons Why You Should Buy Property through a Real Estate Agent

Buying a home is one of the most important financial transactions you will ever make in your life. Hiring a trained and experienced realtor who has market expertise is the logical and smart choice in today’s busy world and fast paced market. In the capable hands of an experienced and well-versed agent, you can be sure to get your money’s worth. Having a pro can save you’re your money and definitely your time. You can find your dream property through a realtor because he will guide you right from the beginning to the end.Reasons Why You Should Buy Property through a Real Estate Agent

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Buying Vs Renting: What should you go for?

Buying Vs Renting: What should you go for?

All of us want to have a house of our own. But given that a property purchase is a costly affair, not all of us can afford it. However, there are varying opinions on whether to rent a house or to buy one. Some believe that renting is a total waste of money which could be saved and utilized to finance a property purchase. On the other hand, some believe that renting opens the doors to more options in terms of location, type and proximity to the workplace.

The first and foremost advantage of home buying is asset creation. When you buy a house, you add an asset to your wealth portfolio which would also give excellent returns after 10-15 years. Owning a house brings stability to your life which is really important after you settle down with your family. On the other hand, renting provides one of the biggest advantages an own-home cannot offer i.e., flexibility. If you are in the initial stages of your career, renting is a viable option as you can change your house as per the needs of your changing lifestyle. [Read more…]