5 Things to Consider While Buying Property from Auction

Buying property is a big task and it becomes a bit risky when you the aspiring homeowner decides to purchase a property from an auction event. This blog post helps you understand the key features to consider before finalizing a deal from such an event where a mortgaged property is being sold by the lender due to borrower’s inability to pay back the loan amount. So, scroll down and check out the things to consider while buying a property from an action:

Buying Property from Auction

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Tripartite Agreement: Know Its Basics and Why It is Important

Like the Occupancy and Encumbrance Certificate, the Tripartite Agreement is also an essential part of home buying and this document is important to avail financial support from the bank. So, here are the things you must know about the Tripartite Agreement as almost every second home buyer look up to the financial institutions to get a home loan sanctioned within the minimum time possible:

Tripartite Agreement

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Selling Property? Keep the Legal and Taxable Aspect in Mind

The process of selling home involves two people initially but a proper selling deal includes three persons who are:

  1. Seller

  2. Buyer

  3. Legal Expert

Selling Property

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The reason behind hiring a legal person is important as this professional helps in completing all the legal procedure and makes transferring of property title and receiving of money easier. In fact, you as a seller must talk about the mode of payment and paperwork prior to finalizing the property deal.

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A quick guide for first time women home buyers

Are you a working women professional and planning to buy your dream home? But quite unsure about the availability of home loans, interest rates or subsidy. Then stop thinking about all this. With Government and the whole country focussing on women empowerment these days even buying a house for a working woman has become an easy task.

first time women home buyers

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Owning your own home is always a dream for every woman and today as most of the women are employed and salaried, they can easily become a home owner. Especially those women who have just started their professional career have many reasons to buy their own home. With the promise of a higher take-home pay package, lower interest rates on home loans, reduced stamp duty, and a swing of affordable housing options on offer, a women buyer has many reasons to rejoice.

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Home Buyers: Know the Significance of Occupancy Certificate

Excited about shifting in your own home? Then, wait before taking the possession from the builder as there is one important thing to look for apart from the home key.

Home Buyers Occupancy Certificate

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Of course, possession letter is running high on your mind right now. But, are you forgetting about the OC – Occupancy Certificate in the excitement of moving into your own space? If yes, then be cautious because the unavailability of Occupancy Certificate is likely to land you in trouble.

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Why it makes sense to become a ‘first home buyer’ today

Why it makes sense to become a ‘first home buyer’ todayAs the saying goes – when the times get tough, it is indeed the right time for the tough to get going.

Given the fact that the India’s real estate market is going through a tough phase, the first home buyer activity in the market is quite low, but experts close to the real estate market say that this is the right time to venture out and make your first home buying deal as customers stand chance of getting pretty attractive offers in this scenario.

Today there is a set of pressing conditions such as the bank interest rates that is impacting the number of first home buyers in the market, however this is likely to change fast as the government seems to be moving in the right direction towards initiating a reduction in bank interest rates. [Read more…]