Home Orientation: What it signifies?

Your address states it all but ultimately a lot of factors come into play. Home Orientation, as the word suggests, means which side your home faces. Besides this, a lot of other factors also constitute the word orientation. In Asia, East facing homes are considered to be lucky and it is believed that these homes attract a lot of positive energy and emit good vibes. In India, the concept of “Vastu” is of great importance like which side your home should be facing, which direction your main entrance is, so on and so forth. Vastu for home holds much importance in an Indian household which is why orientation becomes of permanent importance.Home Orientation: What it signifies?Home Orientation is also referred to as ‘a walk through’ which is right there to contemplate and learn about all your home features, check for defects, correct and find solutions for your potential problems. The shape of your apartment building on you house and the layout are also of great importance. One has to see that the home is well ventilated and has the advantage of both light (sunshine or solar energy) and natural breeze. [Read more…]