Neighborhood Watch: Hennur Road, Bangalore

Located in the extremes of North Bangalore, Hennur Road is one of the most sought-after destinations for residential as well as commercial property in Bangalore. It directly connects the northern localities to the Bangalore International Airport, which has come out as the main reason for tremendous growth in its real estate sector. Over the last few years, Hennur and Hennur Main Road localities have witnessed a substantial rise in property values. Out of the total Flats for Sale in Bangalore, a major fraction lies in the North and East.

Neighborhood Watch Hennur Road, Bangalore

Hennur Road property demand is largely driven by the investors who contribute to more than 70%. This is because the locality is still in the development stage. The infrastructure is still not up to the mark. Projects have been launched by the government for the betterment of its physical framework and civic amenities. Hennur Road is being widened into a four-lane highway along with a cargo road to improve connectivity with the airport. [Read more…]