Know the Top localities to Invest in Gurgaon

Known as the Millenium City, Gurgaon today is one of the hottest favourite realty hotspots not only in NCR but in the entire country. People from various cities want to invest here. This is due to fast developing infrastructure, presence of Global and renowned MNCs, IT/ITes companies and a flourishing real estate market.

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With the population of prospective homebuyers to invest in the Gurgaon are increasing day by day, many new localities have emerged in the city that is gaining momentum in the property market and among property buyers too. All these localities are not only offering various properties option but that too at attractive prices. Take a look:

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Why is Gurgaon touching heights in residential property market ?

Gurgaon is a thriving industrial and residential hub, geographically, located in the state of Haryana at 35 kms from Delhi. In 1970s, a leading automobile company, Maruti Suzuki India Limited had established its first plant in Gurgaon that pushed other industries to introduce their firms in Gurgaon. With the revolutionary growth of such industries and tremendous turnovers, a growth in real estate sector comprised of commercial and residential property in Gurgaon has been encountered. Why is Gurgaon touching heights in residential property market ?Gradually, with the establishment of commercial properties in Gurgaon, the residential properties also increased in number. Thus, there is a plethora of residential properties in Gurgaon offering hi-tech amenities to residents.

Present scenario of residential properties in Gurgaon:

The residential real estate market in Gurgaon is at boom because of the factors that it is an investor driven market. There are a few more sparkling factors like easy commutation to Delhi and international airport, high employment opportunities, flattering tax policies, tremendous industrial development, and much more. The analysis reflects that Gurgaon ranks second in the NCR’s residential real estate market. 24 percent of units are under construction and by 2018, the city is expected to have 2,500 residential buildings. However, the existing residences have a varied range starting from one bedroom flat to penthouses and villas. Rental residences are also available offering a luxurious lifestyle that include air-conditioning, beautiful site scenes, gyms, swimming pools, rainwater harvesting and other relaxing amenities.

A quick tour of residential projects:

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