Home Décor: How to give your home a retro look?

There are few things that never fade away, especially in the home decor world, it is always said that ‘old is Gold’. So, if you are planning to renovate your home and want to give it a modern yet innovative and chic look then it’s time to go retro. Maybe vintage cameras, old globes, musical instrument or other traditional items, such décor items add a charm to every space where it is placed.

Living Room

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 How? Take a look:

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Interior Decor: How to Rock a Retro Theme

From among a thousand themes available for redecorating your home, ‘retro’ is one theme that is chosen by a very few homeowners, especially by those who have an eye for detail and keep sophistication on top of their list. It is an ode to the bygone eras and incorporates everything from color palette to the old-style funk.

Interior Decor: How to Rock a Retro Theme

Interior Decor: How to Rock a Retro Theme

Before starting out on a redecoration project for retro look, you must know these basics:

Color Palette

The perfect retro look can be achieved not with boring colors but with some saturated punches at certain places. Shades of mint, tricycle red, blue-grey and brown seem to be the best for this theme. If you have a clear idea about which era is your home going to represent, you can choose the color punches accordingly. For example, a mid-century look can be achieved by painting one wall in faded mint and placing contemporary decor items in front of it. If you have a rented apartment, it is possible that the furniture is outdated and the cupboards lack finishes. So, instead of fixing those, you can give the home a retro look which will own all the outdated stuff. [Read more…]