Home Buyers: Know How to Buy Right kind of Amenity-Enabled Property

Buying a home is a big task especially when you are buying a first home as it involves searching for a budget-friendly property in the location of your choice and many other things. Then come amenities and finalization of the budget of the respective property. But, one thing which you must consider as a top priority is the amenities. Every residential property offers more than one feature and thus it is the prospect alias you who needs to choose a property for purchase while considering the requirements of the given amenities.

Amenity Enabled Property

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In short, the budget for owning a home can get off the track in case you opt for a home with almost all amenities that are offered with the particular property. This result in an increase of the cost price of a residential unit and thus you must know how to choose a home with right kind of amenities for you and your family.

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Mistakes to avoid when you are a first-time home buyer

Raman promised his wife Radha, This year we’ll have our own home!

Digging his feet in, he said, “I need my own space, where Dhani (the couple’s six-year old daughter) can live the life of a princess.”

Over the years, Raman, who has worked as an investment banker with a brokerage house has saved enough to be able to invest enough in a luxury apartment, in one of the upcoming territories of the National Capital Region (NCR). A home would be among the biggest purchase, the young couple would be making and the decision cannot be taken in haste.

Mistakes to avoid when you are a first-time home buyer

Mistakes to avoid when you are a first-time home buyer

The question is- Can Raman build his house on his savings alone?

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What to Do When Your ‘Dream Home Location’ is Unaffordable?

If you find yourself priced out of your desired location, there are still some ways to break into the property market. All it takes is a little compromise. Unfortunately many first time buyers find themselves in this harrowing situation. Don’t push the panic button and don’t let this hamper your enthusiasm. Here are some handy tips:

What to Do When Your ‘Dream Home Location’ is Unaffordable?

What to Do When Your ‘Dream Home Location’ is Unaffordable?

1- Rent in your ideal suburb- If you are already living there then it is a different matter, but try renting out in your favorite suburb. Consider this, this will help you get a feel for the area and help you decide whether you actually like living here and would like to own a home here. It’s one of the things you should do and living there you can find out if the place is actually worth the sacrifices and the price. This will help you justify your decision. [Read more…]

Tweaks That Help Attract Young Home Buyers

As a home seller you can work with your realtor to identify the potential buyers, but chances are you may have a young first time buyer. If you have an older home you may have to make some adjustments to your marketing and tweak your home so as to appeal to the young buyers. So stop thinking what you would like in your home but think on the lines as to what would appeal to a young buyer.

Offer Perspective on Your Home Conditions– Many first-time buyers are wary of buying a home which will require a great deal of maintenance, so if you can’t do it offer a rebate so things can work out.

Market your Community– On the checklist for first-time home buyers, good schools, recreational means, a sound neighborhood for their families to grow, and good communities are on the top. Your buyers want to visualize a lifestyle for themselves, so provide them with the correct picture and information that helps them recognize the benefits of living in a community. [Read more…]

First time buyers throng Investors Clinic – Times of India

NH-24 is going to be the next thriving residential zone on the side of Yamuna. The tremendous growth in the real estate developments within the zone are attracting the first time buyers to explore the future prospects of booking a Property at NH-24.

Two day propInvestors Clinic Propfest Flocked by First Time Buyersfest organized by Investors Clinic has clearly reflected the fact that NH-24 has acquired the top place among various real estate destinations that own affordable property options. The majority of individuals who showed their interest in the festival were the first time investors. They not only participated as the part of the festival, but also shown their eagerness to buy the property.

According to the CEO of Investors Clinic, Honey Katyal, “Sales bought up by real estate market are offering some promises. Within NCR, the sales growth has also shown a hike; the blocked inventories are getting the booking at a faster rate in contrast to previous months. A cycle of promoting is at the closure with over 1 lakh apartments pending for possession in Greater Noida and Noida. Then, we will consider another array of projects located in nearby localities.” [Read more…]

6 Must-Have Furniture for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first home is a blissful feeling. You have a lot to look forward to so that your new home reflects a piece of your own personality. Although you might have numerous ideas in mind related to the decor of your brand new home, one of the most important point to be considered is the furniture.6 Must-Have Furniture for First-Time Homebuyers

Here is a list of must-have furniture for your new home:

Sofa Set- A nice stylish Sofa Set is a must for your living room. Sofa comes in different sizes, shapes and ranges from ultra-expensive to affordable. Define your budget and choose the perfect one you can afford. Hardwood material is the best. Choose a durable fabric for upholstery. Picture the length of armrest, number of cushions, style, etc. in your mind before going to purchase.

Bed- After a long day in office, you will fall in the lap of your bed and relax. So buy a bed that lasts a lifetime. It should be firm and comfortable. The smoothness of bedding and duvets also matters a lot.

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Golden Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Golden Tips for First Time Home BuyersWhen you are looking forward to purchasing your first home, there are few things you need to keep in mind. We are presenting a check list that will make your first time home buying experience successful.

Competent Pricing:

Checking and comparing the price is most critical today. In an Internet age – it is quite easy but yet many people ignore to check if they are purchasing at a prevalent cost.

Hence, people especially the first time home buyers much check and compare the prevailing rates in the specific area before making the final purchase. [Read more…]