Home Decor Tips: Before Moving in with Your Better Half

Moving into a new home with your better half is a new step towards your life. You are no longer bachelors so bid a goodbye to the cluttered closets, heaps of clothes on the bed, stale food in the refrigerator and all the clumsy habits that kept your home unmanaged. You two are going to start your own little family together so your home should be a place where there is happiness, where hopes and dreams merge together to give a blissful beginning to your relationship.

Home Decor Tips Before Moving in with Your Better Half

Home Decor Tips Before Moving in with Your Better Half

Home plays a very important role in making a relationship bloom. After a tiring day of work, when both of you return home, it should make you feel like your own paradise. It should be welcoming and calming.

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Tips to Renovate Your Home on a Budget

Renovating your home can be fun. So what if you are on a shoe string budget! This is the time to prove your creativity and add your own personality to the home. Let your home décor speak for you. First and foremost, placement is very important because how you arrange things and rearrange them can affect the mood, the visual size of the room and the functioning of the family. Focus on one room at a time. Make a list of things that you really need and which will be useful, things that will not become redundant or out of fashion. Make rough sketches and then decide what you can reuse and what you need to buy.Tips to Renovate Your Home on a BudgetAfter you have set your budget for renovating, stick to your limit. Price out everything first. Ask your friends and relatives what they paid to renovate their kitchen or living room or bathroom. Try to learn from their mistakes and experiences. Check out references and estimates and hire a professional. You do not have to pick up the first contractor or designer you come across. Compare costs and see what fits your budget.It’s a tech savvy world. Go online, check advertisements, see what suits you best and is not a burden on your pocket. Ask your friends and get their view. Get a detailed breakdown of the cost and define that extra costing, maybe for upgrading some materials or home items. Keep a proper check on the expenses so you can stick to your budget for home renovations. If you are doing it yourself, keep all the expenses receipts handy.

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