Design Mistakes You Never Should Make

Creating a home is costly hence you need to make sure everything is ideal and ought to be careful. To save yourself from a homeowner’s remorse later on, here are a few tips that will help you sail easy over the tide of home décor-

1- Avoid having a lot of areas. In place of constructing several smaller rooms, having a few spacious areas happens to be a better concept.

Design Mistakes You Never Should Make

Design Mistakes You Never Should Make

2- A home with bigger rooms seems to attract more potential buyers so your homes resale value is more. [Read more…]

Tips to avoiding decorating mistakes

A perfect blend of immense resources, choice and unique style; an exclusive decoration for any room can be acquired. However, there are some common decorating mistakes that you must avoid. No matter, it is a traditional decor, casual decor or kid’s room; here, we have listed a few sterling tips that you must follow for avoiding decoration disaster.Tips to avoiding decorating mistakes

  • Do not choose over-sized furniture:

When it comes to shopping for outfits, you get conscious of the size. You do not buy a dress that doesn’t fit you. Akin to this, do not buy furniture that doesn’t make a fit in the room. Whether you are buying a fresh or used furniture; jot down the space on a piece of paper. Accordingly, hold yourself and stick to your decision of not bringing mammoth size or tiny size sofa or bed. The best way would be discussing with interiors expert, so that you get the exact idea of furniture. The bottom line is, your furniture must look like Ice on the cake.

  • Don’t clutter unmatched patterns and prints:

Do not buy whatever you like, instead bring the stuff that matches your wall and floor. Discuss with the experts about the color scheme. Accordingly, choose an exclusive pattern for prints, stripes and plaids. Following a single pattern and choosing a large print will give you an alluring interior. Additionally, interesting weave and solid-colored texture are also trending because of their excellent look. [Read more…]