Custom Home Decor- A Book Lover’s Paradise

Books are a man’s best friend; you can never be lonely if you love reading. In these modern times there is a decline in the written word with an increase in the number of e-readers. Technology has made way for Kindle, but for the book lovers your home is your domain where you can flaunt your love and passion for books. Decorate your home displaying your books in an innovative and artistic manner professing your undying passion for books.

Custom Home Decor- A Book Lover’s Paradise

There are different styles in which you can display your books and change the décor of your home making it welcoming and letting people know about your love for books. Let your décor speak for you. Decorate your home with books creatively strewn on the table in full view of the visitors, or piled artistically on open shelves. Find accessories with printed words in beautiful script to add romance to your room. Create a special corner which looks inviting enough to curl up with an interesting book. Let it be a special nook where you can relax with your book. [Read more…]

Custom Decor: The Artsy Home For Art Lovers

Life is an art and art is in the mind’ holds true for art lovers. You can be an artist or an art lover; you get inspired by small things, so bring this inspiration into your home and create a home inspired by art. Decorating homes for the art lovers can be fun and at the same time innovative. An artistic home speaks volumes about the dwellers, without the need for being vocal.

Custom Decor: The Arsty Home For Art Lovers

You can be a modern art lover or an ardent fan of contemporary art, whatever is your liking you can create your own artistic niche. Funky house for the modern artist or contemporary style home décor, let the color scheme be captivating and unique and at the same time not overpowering. You can go from vibrant to neutrals depending on your temperament and mood. [Read more…]