Know the Top Five Commercial Properties of Gurgaon

Considered as the best and most expensive real estate market of the country, Gurgaon offers good returns on investment to all those who invest here. Especially talking about the commercial sector, with thriving and robust infrastructure, better connectivity, work safety, feasible and attractive price, the real estate market has fueled up to a greater extent.

Commercial Properties of Gurgaon Plaza 106

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Take a look at the top commercial properties of Gurgaon:

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Factors that Make Commercial Real Estate a Safe Investment Bet

Real estate has been making tremendous progress as an industry with the introduction of reforms such as Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), Goods and Service Tax (GST) and Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) in India.

Factors that Make Commercial Real Estate a Safe Investment Bet

Factors that Make Commercial Real Estate a Safe Investment Bet

It has been earlier observed that most first-time or one-time real estate investors are more inclined to invest in residential properties rather than in commercial ones due to reasons such as higher initial investment and greater risk factor. However, the scales are now shifting and the demand for commercial space is on the rise due to the below factors: [Read more…]

Financial Planning to Live Your Retirement Days in Bliss

Since the first day of your job, you start working hard for a better life. Rising through ranks and positions in your career, there comes a time when you can actually appreciate your own accomplishments and enjoy the fruits of your labour. It’s called retirement! After all those years of hard-work, retirement comes as a blessing that lets you live a life of leisure.
Financial Planning to Live Your Retirement Days in BlissThough you must have saved enough for your sunset years, a proper financial planning is needed to deploy your retirement corpus and savings in a way that it lasts for the rest of your life. You have to depend on the returns of your investments and prepare for contingencies at the same time.

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Skyscrapers: The Future of Indian Real Estate

After the coming of Modi led government at the center, the urbanization drive in India has regained its lost pace. Better urban planning and development of ‘100 Smart Cities’ were the two key promises made by the government. A well-developed urban skyline will not only cater to the needs of dwellers but will also attract a great deal of foreign investment. According to a report, by the year 2050, India will have more than 400 million urban dwellers and so more will be the need of residential and commercial properties.
Skyscrapers: The Future of Indian Real EstateHowever, urbanization will require more land parcels. But the paucity of available land in the urban cities of India has come forward as one of the biggest challenges in this process. And when there is no space to grow on the land, the cities will develop vertically. High rise buildings will mark the future skyline of the metropolitan cities. Several high-rise residential projects are already in the pipeline. Lodha World One in Mumbai is going to be the world’s tallest residential tower at 423 metres.
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Why is it a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Why is it a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?Real Estate has always been a preferred investment option for an average Indian. It is a great way of creating wealth and adding to your asset portfolio. But the asset class in real estate differs on the basis of its use- residential, commercial, hospitality and retail. Residential real estate has always been the first choice of the buyers as they have the option to either put it to their end use or to let it out on rent and earn a handsome rental return.

However, the trends of an Indian buyer seems to be changing lately. The escalation in the price of residential property and the slow rate of value appreciation are the two main reasons why a segment of investors is drifting towards commercial properties. The simultaneous increase in the price of commercial property has been lower than that of its residential counterparts. Records show that the commercial property in Noida has seen good price appreciation for the last few years. [Read more…]

Advantages of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in Commercial Real EstateWhen it comes to investing in real estate, people usually think about the residential side of things such as buying a flat or a house of their own – however, there is a commercial side of real estate which can offer even bigger benefits in shorter span of time frame.

As expressed by the experts in the market, if you want to make money at a faster pace, commercial real estate presents huge opportunities that deliver more to the customers than any other segment of real estate.

Categories in commercial space

So when we talk about commercial properties – there are a number of investment options, just like how it is in residential real estate. Under the commercial property, one can invest in shopping malls, shops in market places, office buildings and restaurant space. All these commercial property options, present unique investment opportunities, where customers can invest and gain more from their investments. [Read more…]