10 Best places in Mumbai to buy a Home

Mumbai or Bombay, as some sentimental people prefer to call it, once an archipelago of seven islands, is today a thriving metropolitan and the financial capital of India. It is a city bursting at the seams, what with thousands thronging to it, hoping the magic of the city rubs off on them too. Space has always been a constraint here because of which the city has grown vertically rather than horizontally. Mumbai has certain residential areas which are real estate gold as far as their value is concerned.

While most people in Mumbai choose a home which is closer to their work place, there are others who don’t mind a long daily commute as long as they get to stay in the area of their choice. Here’s a list of 10 areas in Mumbai which are an ideal place to own a home in –

10 Best places in Mumbai to buy a Home

10 Best places in Mumbai to buy a Home

  1. So-Bo (South Bombay): Another old colloquial term for South Bombay is Town. Areas such as Cuffe Parade, Altamount Road, Neapensea Road, Malabar Hill etc. are its part. These are super- posh, exclusive and extremely expensive areas of the city. Some of Mumbai’s biggest movers and shakers happen to live in these areas (the Ambanis’, the Godrejs’ and the Tatas’ to name a few). The property prices in South Bombay are sky high and many people choose to live on rent here.

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Localities in Mumbai where You Can Find Affordable Homes

With the skyrocketing property prices in the metropolitan cities of India, it was a distant dream for the middle class homebuyers to own a home in such areas. But with the government’s affordable housing policies and the initiatives taken by the private builders to offer better facilities at lower costs, the MIG and LIG homebuyers can now realize their dream of owning a home. In a city like Mumbai, where thousands of people deboard every day, it becomes even more difficult to get a good home at affordable rates.

location in mumbai where you can find affordable homes

However, to find the right home in Mumbai that suits your requirements and budget, you need to research a little. There are some localities that prove that the Residential Property in Mumbai can also be affordable. [Read more…]