Beach House Decor: Give Your City Home a Breezy Theme

A palatial villa on the sea-shore with a bright airy design, wooden floors all over the house, and decor with white shades and soft watery theme! Did this sentence about a beachy vibe just give you goosebumps? If yes, then you are also one of the beach house lovers who wish to spend their entire life in a home that has all textures of the beach.

Beach House Decor Give Your City Home a Breezy Theme

But, sadly, here in India, you either have to settle in Mumbai or Goa for a life on the sea-shore or you can buy a vacation home in any of these seaside cities. However, it is not possible for everyone to afford the exorbitant rates of a beach house. So, if you live in a city, you don’t have to kill the beach house fanatic living inside you.

Here are a few tips to give your city home a breezy beach house aesthetic:

Play with Neutral Shades

Any beach house you see, either in the movies or just the pictures of it, one common thing you will note is that each one of it would be done in different shades of white or other soothing neutral colors. Off-white, eggshell, taupe, soft grey, beige, floral white, Spanish grey and ash grey are some popular hues of neutral colors to give your home a beachy look. Since, your house will likely be in an urban environment, you get play with pops of vibrant colors here and there to keep the balance. [Read more…]