Tips to Keep Your Home Safe when on Vacation

Vacation time is on! So are you going for a hill station this vacation, leaving your house empty ? If you are, don’t leave it unguarded.A vacant home is the most prone to burglary. Taking a few preventive steps before leaving can save you from being a victim of burglary while you are away.Tips to Keep Your Home Safe when on Vacation

Avoid Social Media Updates- These days we have a habit of posting where we are and our schedule on social media. But this also gives a clear idea to the possible burglar that the house is empty. Even if you do post, keep it private, share with selected people only. Do not let the world know about it.

Neighbour Watch- Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your home while you are away. If you trust a friend who lives nearby, give him the spare keys to your home. You can also give him your car keys and ask to take the car for a short spin. This way, if anyone has intentions of breaking in, he would think twice before doing so.

Put Valuables in a Locker- If you are going for a very long period, it would be a good idea to keep all the valuables in bank locker. Or if you have a safe you can rely on, put the valuables in it before leaving for the holiday.

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