Summer Décor for Your Home

Winter blues are gone and now we have the bright vibrant summer hues all around. The sun shines right inside your home; it is warm and bright outside, so it’s time to make your indoors cool and soothing. Move away all your heavy dark winter furniture and curtains and let something light and soft take its place.Summer Décor for Your HomeAs everything is bright outside, having soft shades or pastel coating on your walls will give a very cooling effect. In summers, the perfect paint color for your home would be a fresh coat of summery cooling and easy-on-the-eye paint. You have a wide variety to choose from; some paint color providers can mix and match according to your taste and liking making the home a reflection of your personality.

Next comes the furniture- the less cluttered, the better. Wicker or Rattan furniture is good during summers. Rearranging your furniture is one of the easiest ways to change your décor. Leave more space between the furniture so that people can easily maneuver around. This is also helpful in giving an open and breezier visual. So get rid of the snugly coziness and bring in the feeling of spaciousness.

Change your drapes, curtains, upholstery going in for light, colorful and floral options. Bring the outdoors in. If your apartment is small, use mirrors for décor. They add depth to the room and make it look more spacious. Go in for a lot of throwaway cushions and lighter coverslips. Do away with heavy rugs, rearrange and reorganize everything so as to give an open, clean and soothing visual. It’s summer time and everything is blooming. So arrange a lot of vases around your house with fresh flowers giving the house a very fresh look. 

A cool, airy look is appealing in summer. So make your entrance or porch inviting and attractive. Use plants in a variety of containers and use different plant sizes to create visual interest. Give your front door a new coat of paint or a new decorative door knocker or chimes.

You can do a lot of simple arrangements and change the décor with a fresh coat of paint, by rearranging the furniture, potted plants, fresh flowers, mirrors, lighter drapes which will filter your light cushions in different colors making your home look cool and comfortable and a place where you would love to be.