Studio Apartments: Ruling the Real Estate Market of Bangalore

The tremendous growth in the IT/ITES sector in Bangalore has brought a revolution in the city’s real estate sector. Commercial and residential units are selling so fast that the market is buzzing with such new launches. A major fraction of the end-users in Bangalore consists of the young professionals and bachelors who prefer a cozy and free living. Thus, Bangalore’s real estate market is characterized by an abundance of small-sized apartments and studio apartments.

Studio Apartments Ruling the Real Estate Market of Bangalore

Studio apartments properties in bangalore consist of a large single room that encompasses everything- bedroom, living room, kitchenette and a bathroom. It offers a cozy living to the individuals who don’t want to bother about managing a number of rooms. Such homes are in high demand among the single professionals who don’t stay in a city for long. They may either buy it if they can afford, or rent it as long as they are there. It gives them a modern lifestyle without compromising their budget.

Now that the rents in Bangalore are reaching sky limits, it is better to buy than rent. Studios come up as a viable option as the professionals find it better to pay EMIs for a home they can call their own, rather than shelling out huge amounts for a rented flat. Newly married working couples also prefer such homes to initially set up their household then gradually move to a better and larger house.

Since studio apartments are usually located near the commercial centers of the city, they also offer advantages of a good location. Proximity to the workplace in an affordable budget is all you need to maintain a good work-life balance. Electronic City, Bannerghatta Road, Bommanahalli, Yeshwanthpur and Belandur are a few localities that have studio apartments in abundance.

Here are a few reasons why you must choose a studio apartment as your first home:

  • You get the efficiency of space. All you need is right there in front of your eyes. Lesser space will also be easy to manage. Every room is just an extension of the other.

  • You are creating a future asset. Though you might not want to live in a small studio apartment throughout your life, you can obviously rent it out later when you shift to a larger home.

  • It is quite an affordable option. If you go finding a 1 BHK apartment in Bangalore, you have to shell out 15 to 25 thousand per month for a home that matches your living standard. But if you buy a studio apartment in a reputed project, you can enjoy all amenities at the center of the city and you can also call it your own.

Bangalore is an ever-developing city. A young crowd characterizes it. Reports suggest that when a new project is launched in Bangalore, studio apartments are the first ones to sell out. A concept that originated in foreign countries is now in vogue here in India. Studio apartments are ruling the real estate market of Bangalore and will continue to do so in the future.

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