Steps to Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Looking for an apartment can be challenging but trying to find a place for you and your four legged companion can be nerve racking. Ultimately you have to find a place of your choice which is also conducive and welcoming for your pet. A number of societies/communities have a no pet policy; they do not allow pets so it is difficult to convince them otherwise.

Steps to Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment

First step is to ask from your realtor/broker, the places which allow you to keep your pet and then decide upon the place. You also need to find out about the rules and regulations of the society regarding pets. Some societies do not allow big dogs beyond a certain size, so make sure your pet fulfills the norms.

Next you should promote yourself as a responsible pet owner, one who is committed in providing a responsible pet care. Provide proof of your being a responsible pet owner, gather documents from the veterinarian certifying that your pet has been properly vaccinated and your pets’ medical care is up to the mark. If you are renting the place, get a letter of reference from the previous owner that your pet is friendly and well trained and will not cause any damage to the property.

Talk to the management and neighbors that your dog is house trained or litter box trained and will not mess up the surroundings. Present yourself as a responsible owner and that you will make an excellent resident. Inform them that your pet is friendly and has had behavioral training from a professional pet trainer. It is up to you how you present your case, because in certain societies the no pet policy is flexible so you can talk to them to allow your pet to live with you.

You can try paying extra to your landlord; this could solve your problem. Get all the terms regarding your pet in writing don’t go in for just a verbal acknowledgement; this could create problems in the future.

Lastly a word of caution- Never ever try to sneak in your pet, the management can take strict actions. Always be upfront and honest, take permission to keep your pet in a friendly atmosphere, sharing with your neighbors that your pet will not create any kind of problem for anyone.

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