How to Make Smart Use of Shared Space

Renting a home with a friend or sharing a room at a PG, or sharing space with your sibling can be tedious and stressful. But with careful planning and healthy, clear communication, living with others need not be passive-aggressive fiery arguments. Some tips will come handy whether you are living with your bestie, sibling or just a new roommate.

How to Make Smart Use of Shared Space

How to Make Smart Use of Shared Space


Plan Your Furniture Move- Don’t just blend thoughtlessly and create a mess by bringing in two households of furniture, into one small space. Make a list of what each person has and then decide which item is best suited for the newer smaller space. It is about being intentional, and if neither of you have anything that fits then sell off the unwanted items and get something that is compatible and fits and blends with the space. Plan your furniture move to maximize the space and easy movement.

Create And Share Storage Space- Shelves above doors, tools for under the cabinet and more; make the maximum use of space by trying every trick in the book. ‘You take that, and I’ll take this’ may not work in a small space, so try to share by keeping similar things together, learn to comingle.

Consider Visual Barriers- When you feel you are in need of privacy where you want to relax on your own, visual barriers come in handy and you get a feeling of privacy. Big plants, hanging fabric panels or curtains can help you create your own niche and this is a much saner way of doing things.

Closets- Whether you have a hallway closet, entryway closet or both what matters most while sharing is equality. Make sure you use your side of the closet and don’t mess around, best is to hang vertical clothes so a demarcation is formed and you have space for towels sheets etc. which can fit in at the bottom.

Wall Space- Please don’t hang up all your art, without asking your partner. Turn decorating your walls into a roommate activity.

Car Parking- Well you have a parking space and that to a closed garage, but for only one car, so make an arrangement with your roommate that each of you can use it alternately.

There are ways and means by which you can be accommodating and live in harmony. You may not have a very organized roommate, rest assured your stuff is on their shelves and in their assigned containers. Having smart shared spaces allows you to enjoy and spend more time with your roommate without any hassles and stress.

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