Skyscrapers- Accommodating India’s Population Explosion

India is a fast developing country, with more and more people moving to cities in want of a better lifestyle and numerous job opportunities. With urbanization being the trend, shortage of land and an increase in the number of inhabitants has given rise to the concept of high-rise buildings. Moreover this concept seems to be the need of the hour. Skyscrapers are the future of Indian real estate. Today instead of building individual houses, authorities have decided to let the cities grow vertically. There is enough demand for high-rises in both the residential and commercial sector.

Skyscrapers- Accommodating India’s Population Explosion

Skyscrapers- Accommodating India’s Population Explosion

This concept has gathered steam not only in Delhi and NCR but also in other parts of the country. Urbanization is an unstoppable phenomenon that is the key to social and economic development, assuming particular importance in developing countries, especially India. Keeping in mind the limited land available to accommodate the growing inhabitants, the cities have to be planned properly and better than before. So the only way is to go upwards. It is a significant step in the right direction by harnessing technology so people can enjoy a good life-style which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

India has some of the fastest growing cities globally, and by 2020 is supposed to have 58 urban conglomerates. As a developing nation, the country is under tremendous pressure to overcome the challenges of urbanization and ensure that its cities- whether historic or new – are built both sustainably and efficiently to facilitate future economic growth. In Mumbai for example, development is severely constricted by lack of space, an issue which has led to large scale redevelopment of older properties into high-rise buildings, as well as new skyscraper construction to house ever increasing city inhabitants.

As cities in India get bigger to accommodate people, they are also getting taller. It may sound unbelievable to accommodate all the people living in cities in India it may require building the equivalent of one Mumbai, every year to keep up with the urban growth.

So skyscrapers are the need of the hour if the cities have to house their ever increasing growth of urban population. The new government has come up with the concept of smart cities; the new townships are being well planned so the common man can enjoy a decent lifestyle. Cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Kochi etc. are all growing upwards and taller.

Skyscrapers are the answer to the increasing concept of urbanization.

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