Single Indian Women- Prized Investors of the Real Estate Market

The general conception that real estate market is a male domain is absolutely false, a myth which has been proved wrong by the ‘Modern Woman’, who is at par with her male counter-part. Today one-fifth of the home buyers are single women. The cause for an increased investment by single women in real estate are that, real estate provides a better safety and security, and the property does not lose value instantly.

Single Indian Women- Prized Investors of the Real Estate Market

Owning a home has become one of the biggest priorities for single women nowadays and this is a single biggest tax breaks and a single owner can enjoy all the tax benefits if she owns a home with good market value. Things that work in favor of single women are-

  • Single women earn handsome salaries and can easily afford properties in today’s world.

  • The higher real estate tax rebate and cheaper loans have opened ways for single women to invest in real estate.

  • Due to increased investments by women in real estate there are various projects and developers who are concentrating on features which address the concerns of women.

  • Special offers are given to single women who seek home loans, a concession on the rate of interest by 0.25% on the loan rate card. Also concessions on processing fees are offered to women working in the corporate sector.

  • Single women want to buy a home to secure their future as they have knowledge of the real estate markets, its projects, the developers and are very savvy with knowledge about the market fluctuations.

  • Women have different requirements in real estate as compared to men. When women buy a home, they have in mind what they will do with it; it will be an extension of their personality.

Developers are also building homes keeping in mind the trend that single women are good investors, so security and amenities are the focal points. Today’s single woman is as strong as her male counter-part not only socially but also financially. She is independent and at times earns more than the man. She is very conscious about her future so, investing wisely she feels that the real estate sector is a good solid investing platform.

Single women whether 25 or 60 are investing a good amount in real estate and make full use of all the benefits and facilities offered to them. The modern single woman is a prized customer for the builder today and he is doing his best to cater to her.

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